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2021-2022 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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BE 3205 - Introduction to Sensors and Actuators

3 lecture hours 2 lab hours 4 credits
Course Description
This course introduces sensor, actuator, and mechatronic principles with emphasis on their biomedical applications. Specific topics covered include general characteristics of sensors and actuators, temperature sensors, magnetic sensors, and actuators (Hall effect sensors, solenoids, mechanical relays, servos, motors), mechanical sensors (speed sensing, strain gauges, accelerometers, and pressure sensors), and acoustic sensors and actuators (microphones, speakers, and ultrasonic sensors and actuators). The interfacing of sensors and actuators are also covered, particularly the theory and applications of field effect transistors (FETs). Practical system integration and control topics are also covered, but sophisticated control theory topics are deferred to later controls-focused courses. Laboratory experiences reinforce basic concepts. (prereq: EE 2725 or EE 2070 , EE 2905 )
Course Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  • Define mechatronics and recognize engineering problems to which mechatronic principles could appropriately be applied
  • Decompose complex mechatronic systems into a collection of standard and ad hoc sub-systems
  • Systematically select appropriate sensors for specific sensing applications
  • Systematically select appropriate actuators for specific applications
  • Systematically select appropriate digital controllers for specific mechatronic control applications
  • Integrate mechatronic components into a functional system
  • Create software to control mechatronic systems

Prerequisites by Topic
  • Electrical quantities and components and linear circuit analysis
  • Fundamental quantities and principles of mechanics
  • Fundamental embedded programming concepts

Course Topics
  • Introduction to mechatronic systems, performance characteristics of sensors and actuators (1 week)
  • Temperature sensing and control (1 week)
  • Introduction to FETs and FET circuits (2 weeks)
  • Electric and magnetic sensors and actuators (2 weeks)
  • Mechanical sensors and actuators (2 weeks)
  • Other sensors and actuators (1 week)
  • System integration and control (1 week)

Laboratory Topics
  • Review and re-introduction to embedded systems and programming (1 week)
  • Temperature sensing and control (1 week)
  • FETs and FET circuits (2 weeks)
  • Magnetic sensors (1 week)
  • Magnetic actuators (1 week)
  • Mechanical sensors (1 week)
  • Mechanical actuators (1 week)

Dr. Charles Tritt

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