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2013-14 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2013-14 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mechanical Engineering (MSOE Students at Lubeck), B.S.

German Study-abroad Program

Students in the mechanical engineering program at MSOE have the opportunity to study abroad through an agreement between MSOE and the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences in Lübeck, Germany.

The timing could not be better. American business is competing on an international level like at no other time in U.S. history. Foreign companies are buying or forming alliances with American companies at a record pace. There is an increasing likelihood of a graduate doing business with or even working for a foreign owned company. The graduate who has traveled internationally, speaks a foreign language or has an understanding of the cultures and traditions of other nations will have a marked advantage.

The MSOE German Study-abroad Program enables students to study for one year at a German university where the focus is in the area of applied engineering with superbly outfitted laboratories, while at the same time gaining firsthand experience by being immersed in German culture.*

The key features of MSOE’s program are:

  • All instruction is in English. Students do NOT need to know any German.
  • Students will receive two degrees, one from MSOE and one from the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences.
  • Students will graduate on schedule, if they stay on track in the ME curriculum.

The Program

Mechanical engineering students who enroll in the German Study-Abroad Program will study for two semesters at the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences during their junior year. The school year runs September through June with extensive breaks, including between semesters, providing an excellent opportunity for European travel. Students live in off-campus housing arranged by the university. They are in class with their German counterparts.

Mechanical engineering students wishing to participate in the study-abroad program at Lübeck University of Applied Sciences must have major and cumulative GPAs of 2.75 or higher at the end of the Winter Quarter of their sophomore year, and be in good academic standing at the end of Winter and Spring Quarters of their sophomore year. In addition, all curriculum requirements of the first two years of the mechanical engineering program must be completed by the end of Spring Quarter prior to departure for Germany.

For more information about Lübeck University of Applied Sciences and Lübeck, Germany, please see Electrical Engineering, German Study-Abroad, MSOE Students, B.S. 

*Certain academic requirements are applicable - see program director for details.

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Mechanical Engineering Model Full-time Track - V10.2A

This track is for MSOE students studying at Lübeck. See Mechanical Engineering, B.S.  for the freshman and sophomore year classes.

Year Three at LÜBECK

Total: 26 lecture hours - 4 lab hours - 25 credits

Total: 29 lecture hours - 6 lab hours - 35 credits

Year Four at MSOE

Total: 15 lecture hours - 4 lab hours - 17 credits

Total: 11 lecture hours - 4 lab hours - 15 credits

Total: 12 lecture hours - 2 lab hours - 15 credits


1 There are 36 credits of elective subjects in the mechanical engineering program, which must be taken as follows:

  • 15 credits from humanities and social sciences (HU/SS), distributed as follows:
    • 3 credits from the sociology series (SS-47X or SS415X).
    • 3 credits from the political science series (SS-45X).
    • 6 credits from courses with an HU designation.
    • 3 credits with either an HU or SS designation.

Students at FHL will meet these requirements through the combination of Social Science I and II, which will be comprised of a combination of SS 415G , SS 457 , and SS-499, as well as two German Language electives, which will be comprised of HU 410G , HU 411G , and HU 412G , or HU 412G , HU 413G , and HU 414G .

  • 3 credits from the field of mathematics.*
  • 3 credits from science (PH, CH, or SC courses)*
  • 12 credits from the ME technical electives list, with at least 9 credits from courses with an ME designation. ME 401 , ME 3650 , and ME 492  will count toward these requirements.
  • 3 credits from any 200-, 300-, or 400-level subject (Free Elective). ME 4951  and ME 4952  in combination meet this requirement.

*In order to satisfy degree requirements, students spending the junior year at FHL are strongly encouraged to complete the mathematics elective and the science elective prior to the junior year.

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