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2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Spanish Minor V 2.0


Dr. Candela Marini
Office: GM-216

For additional information see minors policy.

Why Spanish?

  • Expand your horizons! Spoken by more than 480 million people; Spanish is currently the world’s second most spoken language. In the United States alone, more than 40 million use Spanish as their primary language of communication. Whether you want to take action abroad or at home, learning Spanish as a second language will open the door to more professional and personal experiences.
  • Become a global citizen! To thrive in today’s interconnected world, the ability to speak other languages will help you gain the independence and flexibility needed to move across different cultures.
  • Be more critical and creative! The language(s) we speak in many ways define how we see and understand the world. Challenge your mind and enrich your education with a whole new set of tools to think your reality through a different lens.
  • Last but certainly not least, the Spanish-speaking world is simply amazing! Don’t wait for the subtitles, be an actor yourself.

Description of the Program

MSOE’s Spanish minor provides a solid linguistic and cultural education. We offer four quarters of language courses, from beginners (Spanish I and Spanish II) to intermediate and advanced Spanish (Spanish III and IV). All courses expose students to Spanish-speaking cultures through readings, audio-visual materials and discussions. Equal attention is given to the development of the four language skills: writing, speaking, aural, and reading comprehension.

  • Spanish V is an advanced composition and conversation course. It prepares students for college-level readings and discussions.
  • Special Topics in the Spanish-speaking World: Taught in Spanish, this course explores Spanish and Latin American arts, literature, and culture.
  • Electives: Taught in English, these courses offer more in-depth knowledge on a particular region or subject. Many of these courses include a trip to a Latin American country.

General Requirements

  • To receive the minor in Spanish, a student’s cumulative grade point average for required coursework within this discipline must be at least 2.0.
  • You will need to complete a minimum of 15 credits from Spanish V and above.
  • At least 50% of credits required for the Spanish minor must be completed in residence at MSOE. No more than 50% may be transferred in from another college or university.
  • Of the total number of credits required for the Spanish minor, at least THREE credits must be taken above and beyond the total credits required to earn the bachelor’s degree.

Required Courses

Students must take HU 414S  at MSOE to earn the Spanish minor.

Electives (choose 3)


Please use this placement guide to best determine which Spanish class to start with at MSOE. You may take an online placement exam to verify your level of proficiency.

If you have a strong language foundation, you may have Spanish I, II, III and IV waived and start directly with Spanish V. Instructor’s consent is required for Spanish V and Special Topics. Contact Dr. Candela Marini for any further inquiries:


If you have this background

and/or test scores:

You should take this course:


Elementary Courses

  • You have two years (or less) of high school Spanish.
  • You have a score of 370 or lower on the SATII

Spanish I: No previous knowledge of Spanish is required to register. Elementary Spanish introduces the basic elements of the language and includes exposure to some aspects of Spanish-speaking cultures. It covers present tense, present perfect, present progressive and an introduction to the past tenses.

Your records will be reviewed the first week of classes to verify your eligibility. If you have too much previous experience you will be dropped from Spanish I.


  • You have completed more than two years of high school Spanish and/or
  • You have successfully completed Spanish I or its equivalent at the university level and/or
  • You have a score of 380-450 on the SATII


Spanish II: Second quarter of elementary Spanish continues with the introduction of the basic elements of Spanish. It covers the past tenses (preterit and imperfect), past progressive, the future tense, commands and an introduction to the present subjunctive. It also studies the direct and indirect object pronouns and possessive pronouns.


Intermediate Courses

  • You have successfully completed Spanish II and/or
  • You have a score of 460-580 on the SATII, or a score 3 on the AP exam (language or literature) and/or
  • You have studied Spanish for more than 2 years in high school and have covered material pertaining to Spanish II

Spanish III: Third quarter. This course is for students who have successfully completed Spanish II or its equivalent. The course includes a complete review of elementary grammar (everything covered in Spanish I and II), past subjunctive, plusperfect tenses, application of reading strategies to progressively longer authentic texts, and regular speaking practice.


  • You have successfully completed Spanish III and/or
  • You have a score of 590-650 on the SATII, or a score 4 on the AP language exam and/or
  • You have studied Spanish for more than 2 years in high school and have covered material pertaining to Spanish III


Spanish IV: Fourth quarter. This course is for students who have successfully completed Spanish III or its equivalent. Spanish IV includes a complete review of basic intermediate level grammar, expansion of pronominal constructions, discourse connectors, and a range of conversational strategies. With emphasis on various writing tasks students expand their range and sophistication of grammar usage and vocabulary. Students build comprehension and produce texts of greater extension and complexity.
This course prepares students for advanced Spanish courses through literary texts and other media (film, news, short essays, cartoons, etc.).