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2014-2015 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management Department

Main Office: Student Life and Campus Center, CC-69
Phone: (414) 277-7301
Fax: (414) 277-7415

The Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management (CAECM) Department offers a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering (AE), a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management (CM), a five-year, freshman-to-master’s degree program in civil engineering (CVE) and a Master of Science in Structural Engineering. It also offers a five-year, double-major option, which allows students to earn both the B.S. in architectural engineering and B.S. in construction management degrees. MSOE is the only university in the state of Wisconsin to offer a five-year, freshman-to-master’s degree program in civil engineering.

The AE bachelor’s degree program has concentrations in building structural, mechanical and electrical systems design. The CM bachelor’s degree program emphasizes building estimating, scheduling and project management for commercial and industrial building projects. The CVE freshman-to-master’s degree program offers specializations in structural engineering, water resources engineering, environmental engineering and construction management.

The CVE program recognizes the growing expectation within the field of civil engineering of the master’s degree being the first professional level degree for the practice of civil engineering. All BS and MS degree programs within the CAECM department are supported by extensive design studios and laboratory facilities.



Dr. Blake Wentz


Dr. Deborah Jackman, P.E., Michael J. McGeen, P.A., AIA, Dr. Douglas C. Stahl, P.E., Dr. John A. Zachar, P.E.

Associate Professors:

Dr. Bass Abushakra, Dr. Richard A. DeVries, P.E., J.D., Robert O. Lemke, P.A., Dr. Francis Mahuta, P.E., J.D., Dr. Christopher Raebel, P.E., Dr. Blake Wentz, Dr. Jeong Han Woo

Assistant Professors:

Dr. Todd Davis, P.E., Dr. William Gonwa, DeAnna Leitzke, P.E., Douglas J. Nelson, P.E., Dr. Gulbin Ozcan


Christine Brotz, P.E.

Adjunct Professor:

Larry Palank

Adjunct Associate Professors:

Don Gallo, Ward Komorowski, Dr. Mahmoud Maamouri, Jeffrey MacDonald

Adjunct Assistant Professors:

Stephen Arant, James Drought, David Grassl, John Houdek, Dr. Jay Karls, Michael Schuck, J.W. Spear, Ann Woodhull


Susan Becker, Mark Beyer, Shauna Boyer, Dan Burazin, Karin Greenacre, Gert Grohmann, Michael Kempfert, Tara Kowalski, Lori Pink, Emilio Ramirez, Katherine Ried, Rachel Rueckert, Douglas Sauer, Jeffrey Saunders, Timothy Schneider, Robert Schumacher, Martin Sell, Matthew Tadisch, Christopher Ulm, Bryce Unger, Kathlyn Videkovich, Andrew Walther

Professors Emeriti:

Dr. Richard Cook, Dr. Carol B. Diggelman, Paul E. Feuerstein, Matthew W. Fuchs, John Michael Hassler, Dr. H. Peter Huttelmaier, Dr. Dudley Outcalt


    MajorsDouble MajorDual Degrees