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2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physics and Chemistry Department

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Main Office: Fred F. Loock Engineering Center, S-236
Phone: (414) 277-7349
Fax: (414) 277-2878

The Physics and Chemistry Department contributes to the mission of MSOE in two distinctly different ways. The department offers a bachelor of science degree in the dynamic field of biomolecular engineering, and minors in physics and chemistry. In addition, the department meets the basic science education needs at MSOE by offering all required courses in physics, chemistry, and biology.

The full range of up-to-date experimental facilities in the Physics and Chemistry Department produce a well-rounded laboratory experience for all students. Faculty challenge the curiosity and intellect of students by offering a variety of elective courses. The department strives to become a hub for the development and application of novel molecular and nano-engineering tools, including regulatory pathways and new materials and approaches that are the focus of applied and basic research in industry, academia and medicine.

Furthermore, the department provides education and expertise in the following areas:

  • General and applied physics: focused on preparation for graduate school or personal enrichment by offering a variety of elective courses leading to a Minor in Physics.
  • General, organic and biochemistry: focused on preparation for graduate work in science or medicine and leading to a Minor in Chemistry.
  • Materials science: complements any engineering education through an in-depth study of new materials and how microscopic properties define macroscopic properties of materials.
  • Optics and photonics: optical communication and the extension of electronics to the optical realm. This sequence has a special emphasis option in the Minor in Physics.



Dr. Matey G. Kaltchev


Dr. Gul Afshan, Dr. Matey G. Kaltchev, Jeffrey B. Korn, Dr. A. James Mallmann, Dr. Steven P. Mayer, Dr. Richard R Mett, Dr. Anne-Marie Nickel, Dr. Robert Olsson, Dr. Faisal Shaikh

Associate Professors:

Dr. Anne Alexander, Dr. Jung Lee, Dr. Eryn Hassemer, Dr. Nazieh Masoud, Dr. Serdar Ozturk, Dr. Vipin Paliwal, Dr. Wujie Zhang

Assistant Professors:

Dr. Zachary Simmons, Dr. Adam Wright


Dr. Lisa Jurgens, Ruth A. Schwartz

Adjunct Associate Professors:

Dr. Timothy M. Herman, Dr. Usha Raut

Adjunct Assistant Professors:

Dr. Mitchell Colton, Dr. Sarah Hosseini, Dr. Michael Navin

Professors Emeriti:

Dr. James W. Dieball, Dr. Carol B. Diggelman, Dr. Ronald A. Kobiske, Brigita Kore-Kakulis, Janina Levy, Dr. Anders H. Schenstrom

Instructor Emerita:

Joyce M. Solochek


Administrative Assistant:

Gina Mazzone, CAP

Technical Support Staff:

De’Jorra Gilmore, Richard A. Wolter

Physics and Chemistry Department Electives

The department offers a variety of elective courses. The specific courses and the number of courses offered in any given quarter vary depending on enrollment and student interest.



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