2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
    Jan 25, 2022  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Rader School of Business

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Main Office:
Rosenberg Hall
1235 N. Milwaukee St.
Phone: (414) 277-7279

Successful organizations search for business graduates who are prepared to face the challenges of a dynamic business environment within a global society. MSOE business graduates fill this need through a unique blend of technical and business courses that bring together a powerful mix of fundamental business concepts and practical applications.

Rader School of Business Programs

Undergraduate programs include:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration

Undergraduate degree specializations are offered in each major. Specializations are in the following topical areas:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • International Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Information Technology Systems
  • Technical Sales

Graduate programs include:

  • Master of Science in Engineering Management
  • Master of Science in New Product Management
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • MBA in Education Leadership


The faculty of the Rader School of Business is committed to the basic educational philosophy that includes an applications-oriented approach in all classes and laboratories, development of a strong foundation of business skills and knowledge, and the integration of and exposure to the latest technologies and business practices in all of its programs. MSOE business programs are distinguishable from traditional business administration degrees in that MSOE students become well-versed in the technology that drives businesses. The Rader School of Business views technology as machines, systems and approaches that extend human capacity and business performance.


The Rader School of Business is the preferred path for building and enhancing business careers that are based on both technical expertise and practical business knowledge. Superior job placement, alumni satisfaction and accomplished faculty and staff are evidence of our success.


The Rader School of Business continually strives to provide business education in areas that emphasize the understanding and application of current technology and the business practices essential for success in the 21st century.

MSOE’s Rader School of Business has offered courses in business, management, and technology since the mid-1950s.



Dr. Ruth Barratt


Dr. Jeffrey Blessing, Dr. C. Kelly Lawrence Ottman

Associate Professors:

Dr. Ruth Barratt, Dr. Paul A. Hudec, Carol S. Mannino, Dr. Michael J. Payne 

Assistant Professors: 

Dr. Katrina Moskalik, Dr. Kenneth Dobbs, Curtis Mould


Melinda Davies, John Osmanski, Beth Slayman, Gene Wright

Adjunct Professors:

Terry Hoffmann, Dr. Kathleen Miezio, Gary Vroman

Adjunct Associate Professors:

David Pettiford, Kristin Shebesta, Vairavan Vairavan

Adjunct Assistant Professors:

Dr. Bill Berg, Daniel Geigler, Susan Hoerchner, Tabia Jones, Patricia Kramer, Cynthia Mand, Jessica Moe, Dana Monogue, Kim Pettiford, Dr. Jeffrey Santaga, Chris Thompson

Adjunct Trainers:

Joseph Hamann, Bernard Krauska, PE, Al Sumner, Jr.


Thomas Hanley, Kelli Kwiatkowski, Cynthia Marino, Paul Nistler, Christian Pleister, Michele Trawicki


Andrew Chromy, Gary Dobson, Kira Henschel, Scott Hrdlicka, Sanmitra Iwanski, Michael Jay, Michael Kallenberger, Nicholas Kohn, Eric Lien, Stacy Novinski, Brian Peters, Anthony Spence

Professor Emeriti:

Larry J. Schmedeman, Dr. Bruce Thompson, David Tietyen, David J. Schmitz


Associate Director of Student Recruitment and Strategic Partnerships:

Dan Pavletich

Associate Director of Graduate Programs and Professional Education Management:

Andreana Moody

Coordinator of Clinical Practice, Coaching, and Alums:

Kiesha Johnnies

Administrative Assistants:

Jesalyn Johnson, Trinket Normandin



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