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2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department

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Main Office: Walter Schroeder Library, L-350
Phone: (414) 277-7323

Fax: (414) 277-7465

The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) Department is the oldest and largest academic department at MSOE. The department maintains 14 engineering laboratories and the EECS Technical Support Center. Undergraduate degree granting responsibility includes the areas of biomedical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, and software engineering. The department offers graduate degree programs in engineering and perfusion.

The vision of the EECS department is to provide an effective, evidence-based educational experience enabled by skillful staff and delivered by faculty recognized for their pedagogy, subject knowledge, and leadership in professional activities.

The mission of the EECS department is to provide a personalized environment facilitated by student-centered faculty and staff that prepares students for professional positions, career advancement, and graduate studies in a global society.

To this end, the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department will:

  • Offer and maintain nationally recognized instructional programs that include relevant, up-to-date curricula and laboratories.
  • Create an educational climate that incorporates best practices for student learning.
  • Support student professional, personal, and social development through faculty and staff mentorship and advising.
  • Foster mutually beneficial relationships with industry.
  • Provide research and international experiences and other development opportunities for students.
  • Meaningfully participate in recruiting and outreach activities.
  • Contribute to institutional initiatives that aim to broaden representation in the engineering profession.
  • Develop departmental expertise in online and blended learning.
  • Maintain contributing representation in professional and accrediting organizations.
  • Recruit and develop knowledgeable faculty dedicated to excellence in teaching.
  • Encourage relevant scholarly activities, consulting and research.



Dr. Stephen Williams


Dr. Eric Durant, Dr. Ronald Gerrits, Dr. Robert Hasker, Dr. Russell Meier, Dr. Walter Schilling, Dr. Sohum Sohoni, Dr. Robert A. Strangeway, Dr. Christopher Taylor, Dr. Stephen Williams

Associate Professors:

Dr. Icaro dos Santos, Dr. Steven Holland, Dr. Olga Imas, Dr. Timothy Johnson, Dr. Richard Kelnhofer, Dr. Jeffrey LaMack, Dr. Cory Prust, Dr. Derek Riley, Dr. Sheila Ross, Dr. Darrin Rothe, Dr. Charles Tritt, Dr. Jay Wierer

Assistant Professors:

Dr. Sebastian Berisha, Dr. Jennifer Bonniwell, Dr. Donovan Brocker, Dr. John Bukowy, Dr. Joshua Carl, Dr. Brian Faulkner, Dr. Adam Livingston, Dr. Jonathon Magaña, Dr. Ronald Nowling, Dr. Ahmed Sayed, Dr. Luke Weber, Dr. Kerry Widder, Dr. Josiah Yoder

Adjunct Professors:

Dr. John Brauer, Dr. Edward W. Chandler, Dr. Larry Fennigkoh, Dr. Steven Fredette, Dr. Nancy Schlick, Dr. Thomas J. Swiontek, Dr. Gerald Thomas, Dr. Robert Turney

Adjunct Associate Professors:

Dr. Jovan Jevtic, Mark Krueger

Adjunct Assistant Professors:

Frederick Hoadley, Paul Licato, Christopher J. Merkl, Brian Petted, Tanzania Sewell, Michael Vieau, Dr. Michael J. Wenzel


Angela Wiedenhoeft


Sean Jones, James Lembke, Dr. William Retert, Dr. Marek Trawicki, Deborah Varnell

Professors Emeriti:

Bernard Budny, Dr. Vincent R. Canino, Dr. Michael T. Chier, James Eckl, Frank Evans, Dr. John Gassert, Dr. Mark Hornick, Dr. Owe Petersen, Dr. Steven Reyer, Dr. Hadi Saadat, Hans Schroeder, Dr. Mark Sebern, Dr. Thomas Swiontek, Thomas Tillman


Senior Administrative Coordinator:

Emily Vogel, CAP, OM

Department Administrative Assistants:

Dawn Blessing

Carole Kasprzycki

HPC Systems Administrator:

Ross Oldenburg

EECS Technical Support:

Martin Handley, Manager

James Frommell, Technician



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