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2019-2020 Graduate Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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AE 6570 - Air Quality in Buildings

3 lecture hours 0 lab hours 3 credits
Course Description
This course focuses on elements of indoor air quality. Topics include the physical and chemical characteristics of contaminants in indoor air; source of contaminants (indoor generation and outdoor pollutants in ventilation air), health effects of contaminants; ASHRAE Standard 62 (Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Quality); and the calculations to show building design code compliance. (prereq: AE 5402  or equivalent)
Course Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  • Define the title, purpose, and scope of ASHRAE Standard 62.1
  • Calculate and apply the ventilation rate procedure, indoor air quality procedure, or natural ventilation compliance path for acceptable indoor air quality
  • Calculate the ventilation rate procedure for ASHRAE Standard 62.1 using the ASHRAE provided spreadsheet
  • Classify mechanical system equipment that shall be maintained and the frequency of the maintenance related to indoor air quality
  • Explain the interdisciplinary relationship required for indoor air quality including architects, engineers, facility managers, owners, contractors, physicians, and industrial hygienists
  • Discuss worker productivity and the economics related to indoor air quality
  • Define factors affecting occupant comfort within a space
  • Define and classify particulate and gaseous contaminants
  • Explain the testing procedure used in ASHRAE Standard 52.2 for determining minimum efficiency reporting values (MERV)
  • Apply the appropriate air cleaning techniques to particulate and/or gaseous air contaminants
  • Analyze factors affecting filter design and selection
  • Explain integrated design and construction approaches to achieve acceptable indoor air quality
  • Identify and analyze potential sources of indoor and outdoor contaminants
  • Analyze methods to control moisture in buildings
  • Create an indoor air quality plan

Prerequisites by Topic
  • Ventilation

Course Topics
  • ASHRAE standard 62.1
  • Indoor environmental health
  • Estimates of productivity & health benefits
  • Indoor air quality factors in designing a healthy building
  • Indoor & outdoor pollutants
  • Particulate contaminants
  • Gaseous contaminants
  • Air cleaners
  • Particulate air cleaners
  • Gaseous air cleaners
  • Indoor air quality management
  • Assessing indoor air quality
  • Creating an IQA plan
  • Preventing indoor environmental problems
  • Advanced ventilation techniques

David Grassl

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