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2013-14 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2013-14 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduate Studies Programs

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Master of Science in Construction and Business Management

The new Master of Science in Construction and Business Management degree was created in conjunction with the Rader School of Business and the Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management Department. The degree targets professionals who are working in, or have experience in, the construction industry. It teaches professionals the leadership tools necessary to compete in the ever-changing and highly competitive construction management environment. It provides students with advanced skills and understanding in construction project administration and business management.

Courses are focused on business development, new and emerging technologies for construction and project delivery systems, and executive administration of construction firms. The degree prepares graduates for upper-management positions in the construction industry.

Master of Science in Engineering

The Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) program enables graduate engineering professionals to further their problem solving skills through the application of advanced engineering principles and methods. The strength of this program is in its flexibility. The program offers students the opportunity to advance their quantitative skills through a series of mathematics and modeling based courses; and provides for their choice of specialty courses in electrical engineering or mechanical engineering and/or other related fields.

The MSE is aimed toward engineers who are involved with industrial projects. Students are encouraged to take engineering courses both within and outside their discipline. Courses include topics such as simulation and modeling, operations research, quality engineering, advanced engineering mathematics, finite element analysis, advanced mechanics, fluid power systems, data communications, control systems and advanced electronic systems.

A nine credit capstone engineering project option is included as part of the program. The non-project option is also available, which includes two specialty courses and a three credit engineering paper in the specialty.

Master of Science in Engineering Management

The Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) program is a technology-oriented management degree designed to meet the needs of engineers, business managers, and other professional and technical personnel desiring to strengthen their management and leadership skills. Graduates of the program possess broad business management knowledge and skills and are prepared to move into general management positions in a wide range of industries.

The MSEM program is based on the philosophy that, for companies to grow and compete domestically and internationally, their managers and leaders need a deep understanding of technology, management and effective leadership principles. Faculty members have extensive business experience and are committed to mentoring students to increase students’ value to current and prospective employers. In addition to their academic qualifications, most are employed in the discipline they teach. Areas of particular emphasis include organizational leadership, project management, operations management, financial management, technical sales and marketing, entrepreneurship, quality and continuous improvement, policy and strategy, supply chain management, and international business. In addition to offering the MSEM program in Milwaukee, the degree program is offered in the Fox Valley. Courses are held in Internet-hybrid format, meaning they alternate weeks between online and face-to-face formats. This allows for more convenient scheduling while still giving students the ability to meet face-to-face with their professors and other students.

Master of Science in Marketing and Export Management

The Master of Science in Marketing and Export Management program (MSXM) is a technology-oriented leadership program designed to meet the needs of engineers, business managers and other professional and technical persons desiring to strengthen their management and leadership skills specifically relating to the value-added exporting of U.S. manufactured products, services and technology. Graduates of the program possess the broad range of knowledge and skills necessary for management or entrepreneurial positions in a wide range of international markets.

The MSXM program is based upon the philosophy that for organizations to effectively compete in the increasingly international marketplace their managers need a deep understanding of global business practices. This knowledge enables graduates to provide the leadership required to enhance the company’s market presence and competitive value for products and services in a world market. Learning in the MSXM is facilitated by a faculty having extensive knowledge of the global business environment and international markets, as well excelling in a focused business area or field of learning. In addition to their academic qualifications, most are employed in the discipline(s) they teach. Faculty-to-student ratio is kept small to allow extensive interaction among faculty and students. The program offers students a cultural immersion capstone including two weeks of travel to businesses outside the United States.

Master of Science in Medical Informatics

Medical informatics is information science applied to health care. More specifically, it is the applied science at the junction of the disciplines of medicine, business and information technology, which supports the health care delivery process and promotes measurable improvements in both quality of care and cost-effectiveness. The mission of the program is to provide an applied graduate educational experience that prepares professionals to participate in and lead multidisciplinary teams in the development, implementation and management of information technology solutions in health care. This program is available on a full- or part-time basis.

Master of Science in New Product Management

Success in developing and deploying new products depends in large part on providing products that can compete globally, as well as domestically. Effective new product management is a critical success factor for all companies, regardless of their markets.

The Master of Science in New Product Management (MSNP) program provides students a framework to enhance an organization’s ability to effectively identify, develop and deploy new products and services. Students learn how to effectively apply tools and techniques to identify the products and/or services that leverage the unique strengths and position of an organization, including brand identity, reputation, capabilities (current and needed), market opportunities and resources. Further, the MSNP program prepares individuals to identify and capitalize on both domestic and international markets.

Master of Science in Perfusion

Perfusion, the science of supporting or replacing a patient’s circulatory or respiratory function, is an operating room discipline of critical importance in invasive surgery. The program includes extensive clinical experience and emphasizes health science information along with the technology involved in perfusion. The M.S. in perfusion is available on a full-time basis.

Master of Science in Structural Engineering

This program emphasizes building structural design and analysis, and meets the needs of students who desire increased knowledge to design modern building structural systems.

Courses focus on structural design topics such as advanced design of structural steel members and systems, light-gage metal members and structures, reinforced concrete members and structures, wood structures, masonry structures, foundations, and selection of structural systems. Courses on advanced structural analysis, including applications of the finite element method, structural dynamics and structural stability, are also presented to provide a broader theoretical background for structural design. Students with an appropriate undergraduate degree can complete the program in five years on a part-time basis or as little as two years on a full-time basis.