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2024-2025 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Administration, Regents, and Advisory Committees


MSOE President

John Y. Walz, Ph.D. 
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Milwaukee, Wis.
B.S. Tulane University ‘82
M.S. Tulane University ‘88
Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University ‘92

Executive Vice President of Academics

Eric T. Baumgartner, Ph.D.​
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Milwaukee, Wis.
B.S. University of Notre Dame ‘88
M.S. University of Cincinnati ‘90
Ph.D. University of Notre Dame ‘93

Vice President of Campus Infrastructure

Stephen M. Williams, Ph.D.
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Milwaukee, Wis. 
B.S. University of Missouri ‘85
M.S. University of Missouri ‘88
Ph.D. University of Missouri ‘90

Vice President of University Advancement

Jeff Snow
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Milwaukee, Wis.
B.F.A. Valdosta State University ‘91
M.Ed. Vanderbilt University ‘93
M.B.A. University of Central Florida ‘09

Vice President of Student Services and Enrollment Management

Timothy Valley, Ph.D. 
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Milwaukee, Wis.
B.S. University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point ‘89
M.S. Iowa State University ‘92
Ph.D. Cardinal Stritch University ‘14

Vice President of Finance and CFO

Paul Matson, CPA
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Milwaukee, Wis.
B.S. Indiana State University
M.B.A. Washington University, St Louis ‘89

Vice President of Marketing and Community Engagement

Sebastian Thachenkary
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Milwaukee, Wis.
B.F.A. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee ‘91

Vice President of Student Affairs and Campus Inclusion

Seandra Mitchell
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Milwaukee, Wis.
B.A. University of Wisconsin-Whitewater ‘99
M.S. Georgetown University ‘21

Senior Advisor to the President

Daniel J. Bergen, Ph.D.
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Milwaukee, Wis.
B.A. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire ‘02
M.A. Kansas State University ‘04
Ph.D. Marquette University ‘11

MSOE Board of Regents

MSOE is a nonprofit, nonstock, independent institution of higher learning governed by a Board of Regents elected from the Corporation. The Corporation is comprised of representatives of business, industry, health care, government, and education.


James C. Rahn

D. Bus. Econ. (Hon.)
Kern Family Foundation
Waukesha, Wis.

Board of Regents

G. Woodrow Adkins; D. Business and Economics (Hon); Managing Partner, Adkins Holding, LLC/FCF Partners LP; Cedarburg, Wis.

Michael J. Barber ‘82; D. Eng. (Hon); Retired Chief Diversity Officer, GE Healthcare, Milwaukee, Wis.

Steven G. Booth; Chairman and CEO, Robert W. Baird & Co.; Milwaukee, Wis.

Kendall Breunig ‘79, P.E.; D. Eng. (Hon.); Principal, Sunset Investors; Franklin. Wis.

Matthew Burow ‘99; Chairman and CEO, Catalyst Construction; Milwaukee, Wis.

John L. Cain; President and CEO, Scot Forge; Spring Grove, Ill.

Bernard A. Cohen, Ph.D., ‘71; D. Eng. (Hon.); Founder and President, Neurological Monitoring Associates LLC.; Milwaukee, Wis.

Dwight D. Diercks ‘90; D. Eng (Hon.); Senior Vice President, Software Engineering; NVIDIA; Santa Clara, Calif.

William (Bill) Edstrom Jr. ‘84; Independent Executive Coach; Waterford, Wis.

Kevin Fletcher; Retired President/CEO, WEC Energy Group; Milwaukee, Wis.

Patrick Forsythe; Executive VP - Global Engineering, Generac Power Systems Inc.; Waukesha, Wis. 

Richard G. Galling ‘75; Retired President and COO, Hammes Co.; Brookfield, Wis.

Tom Glaister; Retired President and COO, Charter Manufacturing; Mequon, Wis.

Karl Gouverneur; Chief Technology Officer, Struxtion, Cincinnati, Ohio

Jim Griffin ‘88; CEO and Owner; The Angelus Corporation; Sussex, Wis.

Eckhart G. Grohmann; D. Eng. (Hon.); Former Chairman and President, Aluminum Casting & Engineering Co.; Milwaukee, Wis.

Nick Haemel ‘02; Vice President, Medical Imaging & System Software, NVDIA; Santa Clara, Calif.

Thomas J. Hauske Jr.; Executive Chairman, Marshall Street Capital Inc.; Milwaukee, Wis.

Robert J. Hillis; D. Eng. (Hon.); President and CEO, Direct Supply Inc.; Milwaukee, Wis.

Michael Hora; Retired Vice President, A. T. Kearney; New York, NY

Ward Komorowski ‘85; Retired VP - Enterprise Property Group and Security, Johnson Controls, Inc.; Milwaukee, Wis.

John A. Mellowes; D. Eng. (Hon.); Retired Chairman and CEO, Charter Manufacturing Co. Inc.; Mequon, Wis.

Daniel J. Moceri ‘76; D. Eng. (Hon.); Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Convergint Technologies; Schaumburg, Ill.

Scott Moon; D. Bus. Econ. (Hon.); Chairman and CEO, DLSM Inc.; Milwaukee, Wis.

Susan K. Nash; Senior Counsel; Chrysalis International Legal Partners; Abu Dhabi, UAE

Edward W. Raether ‘68; D. Eng. (Hon.); Retired Vice President and Managing Principal, Industrial Valuation Group; American Appraisal Associates Inc.; Milwaukee, Wis.

James C. Rahn; D. Bus. Econ. (Hon.); President, Kern Family Foundation; Waukesha, Wis.

Michael J. Reader; President, Precision Plus; Elkhorn, Wis.

Kathleen Ruehlow ‘72; D. Nursing (Hon.); President, Ruehlow Family Foundation Inc.; Oconomowoc, Wis.

Don Schlidt; Co-owner; Dedicated Computing LLC; Waukesha, Wis.

John L. Schliesmann; Attorney, Shareholder, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren S.C.; Milwaukee, Wis.

John S. Shiely; D. Bus. Econ. (Hon.); Chairman Emeritus, Briggs & Stratton Corp.; Milwaukee, Wis.

Gary A. Stimac ‘73; D. Eng. (Hon.); Compaq Founder; Retired Senior Vice President and General Manager, Systems Division; Montgomery, Texas

Dawn Tabat; D. Bus. Econ. (Hon.); Retired COO, Generac Power Systems; Waukesha, Wis.

Robert A. Wagner ‘64; D. Eng. (Hon.); Chairman and CEO, R&B Wagner Inc.; Butler, Wis.

Neal K. Wunderlich ‘74, P.E.; D. Eng. (Hon.); President, Wunderlich - Malec Engineering; Eden Prairie, Minn.

Kevin Zaba; Group Executive and President; PMC Platform, RegalRexnord; Milwaukee, Wis.

Regents Emeriti

Todd Adams, President & CEO, Rexnord Corporation; Milwaukee, Wis.

John J. (Jack) Allen ‘80; Chairman, American Intermodal Container Mfg.; Lisle, Ill.

Terry W. Anderson; Retired President and CEO, Dedicated Computing; Waukesha, Wis.

Jon R. Appel ‘62; President, Icon Inc.; Yorba Linda, Calif.

James J. Burns ‘56; Retired; President/Associate; Anagram Associates Inc.; Tucson, Ariz./Ireland

Allen J. Carlson ‘79; Retired President and CEO, Sun Hydraulics; Regional Director University of Florida Innovation Station, Sarasota County; Sarasota, Fla. 

Richard G. Carlson, Ph.D.; Chairman; Whitnall Summit Co.; West Allis, Wis.

Gene P. Carter ‘60; D. Eng. (Hon.); Retired Private Investor; Saratoga, Calif./Tucson, Ariz.

Curt Culver; Chairman Emeritus and Director, MGIC and MGIC Investment Corp.; Milwaukee, Wis.

Don H. Davis Jr.; D. Eng. (Hon.); Retired Chairman; Rockwell Automation; Milwaukee, Wis.

Willie D. Davis; D. Bus. Econ. (Hon.); President, All-Pro Broadcasting; Inglewood, Calif.

Clyde J. Denton ‘55; Retired President; Zetec Inc.; Deming, Wash./Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

David L. Doerr; Retired Chairman; Rexnord Geared Group; Austin, Texas

James L. Dorman; Chairman and CEO, Intercontinental Trading Ltd.; Milwaukee, Wis.

John E. Duncan ‘79; President; Global Cab Group; Crenlo; Rochester, Minn.

James D. Ericson; Chairman Emeritus, Northwestern Mutual; Milwaukee, Wis.

Dr. Susan Feith, Vice Chairman, Mead Witter Foundation Inc, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.

Kevin Fletcher; D. Eng (Hon); President, WEC Energy Group’s Wisconsin Segment; Milwaukee, Wis. 

Peter I. Georgeson; D. Eng. (Hon.); Chairman, Scot Forge; Spring Grove, Ill./Naples, Fla.

Richard R. Grigg; Executive Vice President and COO, FirstEnergy Corp.; Akron, Ohio

Dudley J. Godfrey III; Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management; Milwaukee, Wis.

Stig Haagensen ‘91; Retired Technology Chief Operating Officer, Northwestern Mutual, Milwaukee, Wis.

Richard G. Jacobus, CFA; D. Bus. Econ. (Hon.); Vice Chairman and Treasurer, Jacobus Wealth Management Inc.; Milwaukee, Wis

Frank M. Jaehnert; Retired President and CEO, Brady Corp.; Milwaukee, Wis.

Robert H. Jenkins; Retired Chairman and CEO, Sundstrand Corp.; River Hills, Wis.

Ronald J. Jensen ‘74; D. Eng. (Hon.); Retired President and CEO, Paper Pak Industries; La Verne, Calif.

Donald R. Johnson; Retired Chairman, Modine Manufacturing Co.; Racine, Wis.

David T. Kahler; D. Eng. (Hon.); President, DK Consulting; Milwaukee, Wis./Flat Rock, N.C.

Peter O. Kirchhoff; Retired Manager, Babcock & Wilcox; Milwaukee, Wis.

James R. Klauser; Retired Senior Vice President, Wisconsin Energy Corp.; Milwaukee, Wis.

John C. Koss; D. Eng. (Hon.); Chairman, Koss Corp.; Milwaukee, Wis.

Craig L. Leipold; CEO and Owner, Minnesota Wild; Racine, Wis.

Gerald F. Lestina; Retired President and CEO, Roundy’s Inc.; Milwaukee, Wis.

Joan R. Lloyd; President, Joan Lloyd & Associates; Milwaukee, Wis.

James A. Lovell Jr.; D. Eng. (Hon.); President, Lovell Communications; Lake Forest, Ill.

Jay V. Lowei; President and Owner, QTI Group; Madison, Wis.

Paul B. Luber; CEO and Co-owner, Jor-Mac Co.; Grafton, Wis.; CEO, Super Steel Products Corp.; Milwaukee, Wis.

Donald D. Maurer ‘60; President and Owner, Maurer & Associates Inc.; Marine-on-St. Croix, Minn./Sanibel Island, Fla.

James F. McKinley Jr.; Retired Vice Chairman, Scot Forge; Cape Coral, Fla./Arbor Vitae, Wis.

Thomas L. Misiak ‘77; Presque Isle, Wis.

Yuzaburo Mogi; Chairman of the Board and Honorary CEO, Kikkoman Corp.; Tokyo, Japan

Agustin A. Ramirez; D. Eng. (Hon.); Executive Chairman and CEO, HUSCO International; Waukesha, Wis.

Alan J. Ruud ‘69, P.E.; D. Eng. (Hon.); Chairman, DeltaHawk Engines Inc.; Racine, Wis. 

Larry A. Schotz ‘73; D. Eng. (Hon.); Former CEO, L.S. Research Inc.; Cedarburg, Wis./Pompano Beach, Fla.

David A. Selby ‘79,’00; Senior Vice President, Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.; Milwaukee, Wis.

Richard G. Sim, Ph.D.; Retired Chairman, President and CEO, APW Ltd.; Waukesha, Wis.

Robert R. Spitzer, Ph.D.; D. Eng. (Hon.); President Emeritus, Milwaukee School of Engineering; Burlington, Wis.

Brian J. Stark ‘71; Retired President, Controls Group; Johnson Controls Inc.; Milwaukee, Wis.

John B. Torinus Jr.; Chairman, Serigraph Inc.; West Bend, Wis.

Mark Train; D. Bus. Econ. (Hon.); Retired President and CEO, Jason Inc.; Milwaukee, Wis.

David V. Uihlein Jr.; D. Eng. (Hon.); President, Uihlein-Wilson Architects; Milwaukee, Wis.

Gary J. Vroman ‘91; Trustee, Ladish Co. Foundation; Cudahy, Wis.

George E. Wardeberg; Retired Vice Chairman, Wisconsin Energy Corp.; Naples, Fla.

Claude R. Whitney; D. Eng. (Hon.); Retired Chairman, Allen-Bradley Co.; Madison, Wis.

Kerry L. Woody; Retired President and CEO, ATI Ladish Co. Inc.; Cudahy, Wis.

Reporting Academic Departments

Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management Department

DeAnna Leitzke, Ph.D., P.E.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department

Sheila R. Ross, Ph.D.

Humanities, Social Science, and Communication Department

Alicia Domack, Ph.D. 

Mathematics Department

Matey G. Kaltchev, Ph.D.

Mechanical Engineering Department

Sudhir Kaul, Ph.D.

Physics and Chemistry Department

Matey G. Kaltchev, Ph.D.

Rader School of Business

Ruth Barratt, Ph.D.

School of Nursing

Carol Sabel, Ph.D. 

Business and Industrial Advisory Committees 

The first advisory committee at MSOE was formed in 1913. Dr. Charles P. Steinmetz, who was later acknowledged for his genius in AC electrical machinery and circuit research, was among those first committee members.

Listed below are the Academic Industrial Advisory Committees for undergraduate and select graduate programs, and the chairperson for each. Additional committees comprised of industrial and business representatives also exist to advise in other areas of the university such as recruitment and finance.

Actuarial Science

Dr. Yvonne I. Yaz
Professor and Program Director, Actuarial Science
Mathematics Department
Milwaukee School of Engineering

Architectural Engineering

Undergraduate programs
Karen Long, P.E., Chair
Senior Associate
Grumman/Butkus Associates
Mike Kempfert, P.E., Vice Chair
Vice President
CSD Structural Engineers
Graduate programs
Amanda R. Streicher, P.E
Senior Engineer I
Baxter & Woodman

Biomedical Engineering

Kevin Ehlers
Director of Health Informatics and Technology

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Dr. Barbara Kaboord, Chair
Senior R&D Manager
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Dr. Atif Yardimici, Co-chair
Head of Manufacturing Sciences
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Civil Engineering

Undergraduate program
Michael Anaszewicz
Engineer IV
Civiltech Engineering, Inc.
Graduate program
Amanda R. Streicher, P.E
Senior Engineer I
Baxter & Woodman

Computer Engineering

Jeffrey Zingsheim ‘90, ‘97
Assistant Director of Engineering
Northwestern Mutual

Computer Science

John Young
Managing Director

Construction Management

Rob Myers
Project Executive
Mortenson Construction

Electrical Engineering

Dr. Steven S. Holland
Associate Professor and Program Director, Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department
Milwaukee School of Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Katrina Benishek ‘03
Senior Process Improvement Engineer
Delta Dental of Wisconsin

Mechanical Engineering

Chris S. Lange ‘99
Director of Product Development and Engineering
Retail Space Solutions


BSN Advisory Board

Professor and BSN Program Director
School of Nursing
Milwaukee School of Engineering

MSN Advisory Board

Dr. Victoria Carlson-Oehers
Professor and MSN Program Director
School of Nursing
Milwaukee School of Engineering

Rader School of Business

Dr. Ruth Barratt
Associate Professor and Chairperson
Rader School of Business
Milwaukee School of Engineering

Software Engineering

Sabrina Stangler ‘20
Senior Software Engineer

User Experience

Ash Dzick
Senior Manager for UX
Molson Coors Beverage Company