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  Feb 06, 2016
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2012-2014 Graduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Construction and Business Management (MSCBM), M.S.

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One of MSOE’s newest master’s degree was created in conjunction with the Rader School of Business and the Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management Department. The degree targets professionals who are working in, or have experience in, the construction industry. It teaches professionals the leadership tools necessary to compete in the ever-changing and highly competitive construction management environment. It provides students with advanced skills and understanding in construction project administration and business management.

Courses are focused on business development, new and emerging technologies for construction and project delivery systems, and executive administration of construction firms. The degree prepares graduates for leadership positions in the construction industry.

Program Director:

David Schmitz
(414) 277-2487,


G. Woodrow Adkins (Uihlein/Spitzer Chair of Entrepreneurship), Dr. Steven Bialek, Dr. Jeffrey Blessing, Dr. Kathy Faggiani, Terry Hoffmann, Dr. Paul A. Hudek, Stanley Kosmatka, Patricia Kramer, Cynthia Mand, Carol Mannino, Dr. Kathleen Miezio, Dr. Kimbel Nap, Dr. Carolyn “Kelly” Ottman, Dr. Michael Payne, David Schmitz, Gary Shimek, Irene Strohbeen, Dr. Bruce R. Thompson, Dr. Dennis Wanless

Program Educational Objectives:

Graduates of the Master of Science in Construction and Business Management will:

  • Demonstrate exemplary construction knowledge and business leadership skills while achieving success as a leader within the construction industry including design, construction, owner and public sector roles.
  • Display high standards of ethical decision making and conduct.
  • Assume a leadership role in the advancement of the construction management profession and community outreach activities.
  • Value the concept of life long learning, keeping informed of new concepts and developments in the construction industry.

Student Outcomes:

Upon graduation, students will:

  • Use sound methodology to analyze and interpret and apply advanced construction management concepts including information and communication technology, risk assessment, ethical considerations and critical thinking for the improvement of the profession.
  • Use effective business management skills to solve practical construction problems; being able to explain and defend the application of advanced construction management practices associated with strategy development, planning, staffing, scheduling, and controlling construction projects.
  • Exemplifying professional integrity with the ability to evaluate and effectively manage personnel, materials, tools and equipment, costs and time.


MG 600  through MG 670  and MG 800  are required. Students are expected to complete the foundation courses, MG 600  through MG 670 , prior to movement into more advanced courses. These courses are listed on the following pages. The research and writing requirement is satisfied by taking three one-credit modules: MG 631 , MG 632  and MG 633 . Because the required courses are taught at the graduate level, students who have taken somewhat similar undergraduate courses normally will not be exempt from the required courses.

Students pick sufficient electives for a total of 45 credits. Students may take one of these electives from another MSOE graduate program without prior approval. Students planning to take additional courses in another program should get advanced approval from the program director(s). This should include a one-page statement of how the proposed electives support a student’s MSCBM project goals.

Subtotal: 21 credits

Subtotal: 15 credits

Thesis or Project Option

Thesis Option

Project Option

Total: 45 credits

Final Activity

Each student completes either a thesis or a capstone. The final activity has two primary objectives:

  1. it is a learning experience in which the student has the opportunity to discover something about a business topic that is not readily accessible, that is not conventional wisdom, and is not found in any book or other common source; and
  2. it is a means by which the student demonstrates his or her depth and breadth of learning from the MSCBM program.

Option 1 – Construction and Business Management Thesis (6 credits)

The student prepares a thesis demonstrating proficiency in analyzing, solving and implementing the solution of a construction and business management problem. The thesis is prepared under the direction of a faculty advisor.

Option 2 – Construction and Business Management Final Project (3 credits)

This course is designed to give the student an opportunity to integrate the knowledge, skills and tools learned during the Construction and Business Management program. In contrast to the thesis, the Capstone is done as part of an 11-week class.

Model Part-time Track - V 1.0

Year One

Total: 4 lecture hours - 0 lab hours - 4 credits

Total: 4 lecture hours - 0 lab hours - 4 credits

Total: 4 lecture hours - 0 lab hours - 4 credits

Year Two

Total: 3 lecture hours - 0 lab hours - 3 credits

Total: 6 lecture hours - 0 lab hours - 6 credits

Total: 3 lecture hours - 0 lab hours - 3 credits

Year Three

Total: 3 lecture hours - 0 lab hours - 3 credits

Total: 6 lecture hours - 0 lab hours - 6 credits

Total: 3 lecture hours - 0 lab hours - 3 credits

Year Four - Thesis Option


  • Elective (Graduate-level) 3 credits 1
Total: 3 lecture hours - 0 lab hours - 3 credits

Total: 6 lecture hours - 0 lab hours - 6 credits

Year Four - Capstone Option


  •  Elective (Graduate-level) 3 credits 1
Total: 3 lecture hours - 0 lab hours - 3 credits


  • Elective (Graduate-level) 3 credits 1
  • MG 8015 - Construction and Business Management Capstone 3 credits
Total: 6 lecture hours - 0 lab hours - 6 credits


1 Electives are chosen in consultation with a faculty advisor.

Second Degree

Student who already received the MSNP, MSEM or MSXM degree from MSOE may transfer 15 credits from that degree to the MSCBM.

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